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Rolling Reconstruction

Course Overview

If you've been having trouble with your roll or have 'lost' your roll all together this course is ideal for you. Progressing at your own pace, our coaches will assess your roll and design a programme to consolidate and refine your technique. Whatever your starting point, one day spent in the pool and a second out on the water will move you towards a confident reliable roll.

Experience Required

able to perform a confident capsize and have rolled before.

Scheduled Dates

Detailed Course Notes

You should be 18 years old to attend this course.

Who is it for?
This course is for anyone who would like to reliably roll a kayak. All you need is to be reasonably fit and flexible. This course is designed for people who have never been taught to roll.

Course Content
We will assess your needs and coach you individually. There will be a mixture of practical sessions, physical and mental preparation and reviewing video footage of your progress. The sessions will start with a series of exercises to increase your flexibility and warm you up before starting work in our heated pool and progressing outdoors as and when we decide that this progression will be of benefit to you.

After an induction session, students may use the training pool without staff supervision for extra practice during any spare time.

Useful Books

Kayak Rolling by Loel Collins

What's Included In The Price?

Whether you choose to stay with us or you have alternative accommodation nearby, the following items are included in the total cost.

    Free tea, coffee or selected hot drinks for the duration of your visit
    Afternoon tea & homemade cakes
    Kayak or canoe hire
    Secure boat storage (if you choose to bring your own boat)
    Equipment hire
    Free (low-speed) wifi access in the bar & dining room
    In course transport
    Railway station pick up & drop off (please call to arrange)
    Parking with CCTV surveillance
    Free use of climbing wall, gym, MTB skills course & rolling pool

    If you choose to stay with us, these items are also included in the total cost:

    Accommodation the night before your course
    Accommodation during your course
    Breakfast & evening meal
    Bar Lunch/packed lunch

Accommodation For This Course

Plas y Brenin Main House

Your course is based at Plas y Brenin, The National Mountain Sports Centre in Capel Curig, North Wales, LL24 0ET.

If you are staying with us,

If you have chosen to add accommodation onto this course or holiday it is usually in the main house in a comfy en-suite room (normally shared with another guest). Each room has tea and coffee making facilities and all bed linen and towels are provided.

This includes accommodation the night before your first day. Your room will be available from 6pm. On your last day you will need to vacate your room by 10am. It is sometimes possible to arrange to stay an extra night please phone 01690 720214 for availability and cost.

Secure storage facilities, showers and toilets are available for you to use on your departure day once you have checked out of your room should you need them, please ask at reception.

Also included, if you chosen to add accommodation, are all your meals - breakfast, packed lunch, afternoon tea and freshly baked cakes and a three course evening meal. Please bear in mind an evening meal is not provided on the night before your course or on the last day of your course but our bar will be serving meals from 7.00pm until 8.45pm.

If you are are not staying with us but coming in each day,

If you choose to come in daily for your course or holiday you will need to arrive ready for a 9am welcome talk on the first day. For the rest of your course or holiday you will need to be here for 9.15am. We return from a full day of activity, usually in time for tea and cakes at 5pm (included).

There are more activities from 5.30 - 6.30 on some days of your course or holiday, please check on the first day.

For most of our awards and qualification courses there will be further evening sessions on some days which you need to attend, please check on the first day.

There is an 8pm adventure talk by one of our coaches on Saturday, Monday and Wednesday evenings which you are welcome to come to. Find out more about the upcoming talks here.

On the final day you will be finished by 5pm.

For courses based on-site our bar will be serving lunches from 12pm until 2pm or you are welcome to bring a packed lunch.

If your course is based away from the centre then you will need to bring a packed lunch with you. Each evening our bar serves evening meals from 7pm until 8.45pm if you wish to eat here.

You can arrange to have any of the following meals - breakfast, packed lunch and a three course centre dinner, by contacting our customer services team on 01690 720214 or

follow this link for more details

What Equipment Do You Need To Bring?

  • Personal paddling clothing

  • Footwear to cope with bank and boat

  • Swimming costume/trunks

  • Warm clothes for when you get off the water

  • Warm hat, gloves, neck gaiter/buff, sun hat

  • Towel

  • Waterproof jacket and trousers

  • Bouyancy aid

  • Helmet

  • Drinks bottle

  • Flask

  • Lunch bag/box

  • Personal first aid kit

  • High factor sun screen

  • Midge repellant

  • Large kit bag (for wet paddling kit)

  • Notebook and pen

  • Dry bag

  • Boat (it must be very clean both inside and out if you wish to use it in our pool)

  • Paddle

  • Spraydeck

  • Throwline

  • Goggles

  • Noseclip/ear plugs if you use them

The following items are available for you to borrow from our equipment stores free of charge so you don't need to rush out and buy them.

  • Wetsuit

  • Paddling cag

  • Buoyancy aid

  • Helmet

  • Dry bag

  • Large kit bag (for wet paddling kit)

  • Boat

  • Paddle

  • Spraydeck

Our equipment stores stock wetsuits socks, noseclips and ear plugs which you can purchase if you find you need them during your course

Customer Reviews For This Course

Rolling reality


I have attended this course several times over the years, always to improve my existing roll. It has certainly been useful for that, mainly because of having the heated pool available and two days to improve in... made all the more enjoyable by the great PYB atmosphere. Be aware that many people attend this course when their roll simply isn't working at all. But the coaches are not miracle workers; they can only do so much. Prior to attending, I recommend looking at books or at Youtube rolling videos to identify the typical mistakes that people make when learning, and especially, how to correct these mistakes. (Such errors include your head coming up first, over-reaching, diving paddle blade, etc). This not a 'learn to roll' course; it's better for improving an existing roll that is unreliable. Three Stars to warn you not to come with over-high expectations if you don't have any sort of roll in place!

Does what it says on the tin

Rolling Reconstruction

Excellent course that took my intermittent roll apart and put it back in a more reliable shape.

Lots of fun, well coached and with lots of useful training tips and exercises to take away to help improve on it further.

100 Percent

Steve Phillips

I could occasionally roll in the pool but the people with me could work out what I was doing wrong when it didn’t work. I on the other hand couldn’t work out what I was doing right when it did work. There are a few companies/organisations that offer rolling clinics and the reviews on Plas y Brenin influenced my choice.
I arrived late at night; booking was efficient and I was pleasantly surprised by the quality of the room. Breakfast was good, equipment was issued where needed and we were in the pool to show what we could do. In my case it was a part roll as usual, unlike the first two people who could roll which were off-putting.
I should not have worried; we were split into pairs, one in a boat and one to assist. The instruction was first class; both instructors were very calming and pointed out small tweaks. The instructors were good at spotting when we should swap over with our buddy and after lunch I tried a paddle float. With the float I could roll and shortly I moved to a small paddle float. After repeatedly rolling with a small float and the end of the first day approaching I removed the float and 4 out of 5 times I could roll!
Early evening we had a debrief session where we were shown film footage and had positive observations on how we could improve. The second day was a similar format but by now I was tired and stopped late afternoon to remain positive. Incidentally the two people who could roll when we started could do left handed rolls and hand rolls by now, impressive!
I fell in work and injured my shoulder so could not practice my roll for three weeks. I need not have worried; my roll is now a 100% even with the wave machine running in the pool. If you are worried about booking don’t, Plas y Brenin is warm, clean and the instruction is really good. As a veggie it was also refreshing to have a choice of food. I will definitely book another course.

Rolling, rolling, rolling; get that kayak rolling!

Jonathan Gorman

A diverse group of five students enrolled on the weekend rolling reconstruction course. Diverse in the sense that it ranged from the young and flexible to the old and inflexible; from the tall to the short; from the "virgin roller" to the more experienced.

The two days were essentially broken down into four pool sessions interspersed with eating (and some moderate drinking). On the final day we did have the option to move the session to the lake but as a group we decided to stick in the relative warmth to continue to consolidate what we had learnt rather than risk ending the course in the cold with the risk of the new environment having a negative impact. Better to end the session warm and upbeat rather than cold and potentially downbeat.

With regards the instruction itself what I particularly appreciated was that our instructor didn't prescribe any particular technique on any of us - instead he observed our current technique and then injected into that advice and aids to correct the flaws and reinforce the good stuff. An example of this being that with some students he had them using a paddle bag but for me the most appropriate aid was a bit of padding wedged under one arm. There was also video footage taken and used to help identify the patterns in our individual techniques that helped us tune things up.

By the end of the weekend all five of us were rolling to some degree and I think we all had a good grasp on what we as individuals need to do to continue to develop our rolls. To quantify this: before the weekend I had managed three rolls in five hours of pool sessions at my local club; at the end of the first session on day one I had acheived better than that (including a "winning streak of 3/3 at the end of the session).

A thouroughly enjoyable weekend with results that exceeded my expectations.

Great weekend

Claire Hendrickse

The first day was really useful breaking down all the sections of the roll and gradually introducing the paddle. Lots of practise on the second day getting individual coaching to make progression. I needed to roll for my 3 Star Kayak the following day and was successful! Went away being able to self coach myself when the roll isn't successful. I Recommend the course to anyone who's roll is hit and miss. Great value for money.

Excellent - Achieved Exactly What I Hoped


Did exactly what I wanted the course to do. Two days in the pool reconstructed my old rusty roll into a new shiny one. Chris Evans our instructor was absolutely first class and pitched the course just right with enough intensity to make progress, but appreciating that continuous rolling in a pool is pretty hard work, especially for us old ones. Bringing tea and biscuits to the pool, was a definite boost - thanks Chris. The video analysis at the end of each day was a real eye opener and very helpful. The two days finished with an outdoor session just to get our confidence rolling in full kit in proper chilly water.

This is an ideal way to get and old unreliable roll working smoothly and reliably or to get back a lost roll. The big thing for me was coming away properly understanding the principles so I could practice and improve.

As for PYB in general, very very good, great accommodation, food and very helpful and friendly staff. I will definitely try some more courses at PYB.

Get deconstructed and then reconstructed

Andrew Bond

A very good course, with an excellent instructor who got me from being totally useless in the pool to rolling in the river on the second day fully kitted. Perseverence helps, and video was used to good effect to enable you to see what you are doing right and what to work on. But take a laptop or something to load the clips onto so you can take them home as a reminder/ self coaching tool or just to prove you did actually roll!!

A great (intense) two days that did exactly what it said on the tin.

fantastic course

martin whitaker

The course was well run, Fantastic setting and supurb coaching staff I personally got out of the course exactly what I wanted and that was a near bullet proof roll the practice and consistancy is up to me. But well worth the money

Try It


Had a brilliant weekend, The instructor offered great advise, I always struggled to roll on my left side and it was amazing to learn how the tiny little tweaks can turn your roll into being bomb proof. This was a hard working course and the more you put in the more you get out of it. Loads and loads of practice in the pool Saturday. The Sunday we consolodated in the pool in the morning and the afternoon we were out on the river and sure enough bombproof moving water roll on both sides.t Personally I would recommend this course if you are struggling with your roll or want to improve it. The accomodation was comfy enough and food a plenty you won't go hungry and the bar is very sociable with a good selection of real ales and a fantastic view of the hills. 8-)

Sorting out my roll

Penny Spooner

Before booking this course I was very worried about spending a whole week end upside down in a pool when a normal club pool session of an hour is plenty.

The course began by finding out why our rolls were not working and then took our roll back to basics and progressed in small parts. As we were working in pairs for the first day it was never too tiring and the coach broke the day up with loads of different activiities. The second day was putting everything together and perfecting the rolls. Again lots of breaks when needed and the use of the video made a real diference to see what was going wrong. Through out the day the coach added new activities to help with the roll.

At the end of the course I have a much stronger roll. The bonus which I did not expect is that I now feel confident to help teach rolling at my club. If my roll goes wrong again I also know what the likely problems are and techniques I can use to fix it. I also have a range of exercises I can do at home to strenghten my roll.

Two days later I was on a cold river Leam and had to practise the roll - magic it worked perfectly both sides.

Thank you for a great course.

A fantastic course. Highly recommended for those struggling to roll.

Andrew 'the fish' Birbeck

A truly fantastic course.

I had a roll, of sorts, on my right hand side only. It was more 'brute force' than 'finesse' and had a low success rate. By the end of the days my roll had become more technique and less brute force. I even started to develop a roll on my left side!

The 2 day course is based in the swimming pool at Plas Y Brenin. The course starts with breaking down the components of rolling technique - the C to C roll, working to develop the'hip flick' action on dry land and in the water using pool side, partner's hands, a paddle float, the paddle with swimming floats and finally the paddle itself.

To develop the pool experience ropes were used to drag the kayak from one side of the poll to the other to simulate a white water experience. The instructor, Karl, continued to develop the pool experience by standing on the pool side, picking up the kayak with the paddler inside and dropping it into the pool in an upright position. We were given the opportunity to try our developing roll in many different kayaks: play boats, white water kayaks and sea kayaks.
I was very impressed with the quality of instruction provided by Karl. He was very patient with me and I learned great deal from his high quality coaching.

If you are considering attending the course please bear the following in mind:

The course is very intensive two days working in the indoor pool is hard on the eyes, ears and nose. Remember to take swimming goggles (or diving mask), ear plugs and skull cap, and a nose clip. I had never experienced ear problems before but my ears were very painful. Karl let me use his skull cap. I found my own ear plugs and the skull cap very useful.

Remember to take a bottle of water into the pool with you. It is a very intensive course in a warm, chlorinated environment. I experience a really bad headache three quarters of the way through day one.

A highly recommended course providing a valuable experience, which will lead me to develop a solid roll on both sides.

Top course!


For all those whose roll still harbours imperfections


This was a really excellent course for those trying to understand the details preventing you from having a textbook roll. My course consisted of myself and two mates, all of whom could roll, and it really helped to iron out the small but important flaws in our rolls. I think most paddlers would benefit from the course; it not only helped me to understand the technical aspects I'm failing on but also the things I could spot in other people's rolls in the future, and ways to coach rolling.

Particularly it was good for:

* Video Analysis
* Intensive Pool Practice and coaching
* Moving water rolling practice on the second day
* Coaching hints and Tips to take back to your own club environment to improve your paddling and those around you in the longer term.

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