Coronavirus Guidance: Holding Meetings, Events and Conferences at Plas y Brenin

Last updated 22 January 2021. Please note this guidance will be reviewed regularly, and may be updated.


Plas y Brenin is committed to protecting the health of its staff, customers and visitors. We have implemented enhanced measures across our site that meet or exceed the recommendations from Welsh Government and event industry bodies. These measures are designed to be both practical and effective, allowing the continuation of on-site events while maintaining health and safety as our number one priority.

The measures we have taken can be summarised into four key areas; details on each of these can be found below. Whether you are an event organiser or a delegate, we kindly ask for your cooperation and support in observing these measures to protect yourself and those around you.

Indoor Gatherings

More information on how we will keep you, those you meet with and our team safe can be found below.

Social Distancing

  • We have calculated maximum room occupancy levels for all events and meeting spaces. These have been prepared on the basis that 2-metre social distancing should be observed.We will operate in line with Welsh Government regulations that are in place at the time of the event, please note these may change at short notice.
  • Rooms will be laid in best accordance with the meeting or event requirements, while also enabling social distancing to take place. We kindly ask visitors not to adjust the layout of any furniture in any rooms at Plas y Brenin without prior consultation with a member of Plas y Brenin staff. If the room layout is altered it may reduce the room capacity and make social distancing impossible.
  • Any delegates staying with us residentially will be accommodated on a sole room occupancy basis only. Exceptions would be made on request for delegates attending with a member of their household bubble only.
  • All event delegates must be registered with Plas y Brenin at least two days in advance to ensure maximum occupancy levels will not be exceeded. We reserve the right to refuse entry to unregistered delegates.
  • We are pleased to offer catering services and are experienced in dealing with specific dietary requirements and allergies as needed. However, any such services must be confirmed at least 14 days in advance. We will be unable to guarantee catering for any delegates registered after this time.
  • We kindly ask for your support in monitoring room capacities to ensure these conditions are met.

Cleaning & Hygiene

Plas y Brenin have applied enhanced cleanliness and hygiene regimes throughout the centre. These include:

  • Extra cleaning of frequent contact points, including but not limited to tables, chairs, desks, light switches, and computer and other electronic equipment control surfaces.
  • The provision of hand sanitizer in high footfall areas. We ask all delegates to factor regular hand washing and sanitisation into their day as a habit, particularly during breaks between activities, when moving into other areas of the venue and before and after eating.
  • Enhanced waste management to reduce transmission risk.

Protect & Detect

  • All delegates must complete a short pre-visit questionnaire to assess their COVID-19 risk level. The process for completing and returning these questionnaires is as follows:
  1. Plas y Brenin will provide the event organiser with a copy of the questionnaire.
  2. The event organiser will send a copy of the questionnaire to all event delegates.
  3. Delegates complete and return their questionnaire to the event organiser.
  4. The event organiser waits until they have received completed questionnaires from all their delegates, then returns the questionnaires as a bundle to Plas y Brenin.
  5. Plas y Brenin will examine all questionnaires returned and may contact individual delegates for further information if necessary.
  • Completed questionnaires will be held for 21 days from the date of the event to facilitate contact tracing if required.
  • We ask for your support in identifying any delegates who may appear to be symptomatic; if you become concerned, please contact a member of the Plas y Brenin team. Any such contact will be handled with the utmost discretion.
  • Spare face coverings are available for delegates, however we would ask all such delegates to bring their own reusable face covering to reduce waste.
  • First Aid provision has been enhanced, with Plas y Brenin staff having received additional COVID-19-specific first aid training and personal protective equipment.
  • We have separation screens in place at customer-facing areas for the protection of clients and staff.
  • We have emergency response plans in the event a guest or delegate either becomes symptomatic while at Plas y Brenin or is later found to have coronavirus.
  • If practical, sessions should be taught outside if content and weather permit. Plas y Brenin staff will be happy to make recommendations.


  • We will keep up to date information available on our website for all attendees of events at Plas y Brenin.
  • The event organiser will have close contact with our customer services team by email and phone. Please note that the responsibility for ensuring that all delegates are familiar with the guidelines presented here and those provided by Welsh Government lies with the event organiser. Plas y Brenin have extensive signage on display across the site, including information about reducing the spread of coronavirus, maintaining social distancing, identifying coronavirus symptoms and warning visitors about areas that we consider to be ‘pinch points’ while moving around the centre. One-way systems are in place where appropriate; we ask all visitors to follow the relevant directions as indicated by signage.