31st August 2018

Bat walk proves a huge success

Written by Jack Nicholl


Earlier this year we were lucky enough to host a fascinating free lecture from Sam Dyer, Chair of the North Wales Mammal Group and Mammal Ecologist for Natural Resources Wales. We were surprised to learn that there are potentially as many as 14 different species of bat in North Wales.

Following on from this hugely informative talk, we hosted an evening Bat Walk from the centre on August 30, using electronic bat detectors to identify the different species above our heads. We had a fantastic evening, again under Sam’s expert guidance, with visitors young and old fascinated by these amazing creatures.

We are very privileged at Plas y Brenin to have some significant roosts for Soprano Pipistrelle and Common Pipistrelle bats in some of our old buildings. Even better, just across the water, we spotted significant numbers of Daubenton’s bats leaving their roosts in the trees to hunt at water level across Llynnau Mymbyr. When you consider a single bat can eat 3,000 midges in a night we’re keen to make life as comfortable as possible for them here!

With more than 40 people in attendance, we’re already looking to schedule a date for another Bat Walk, so do please watch this space for when the next one will be. In the meantime, we’ve already got a jam-packed calendar of free events lined up for you.


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