Mountaineering and Climbing Instructor Training

North Wales is the perfect training ground for this scheme with so much suitable rock climbing and mountaineering terrain close by. This gives us a great classroom and means we can make the best use of our time.

Plas y Brenin

9 Days

Instructor RatioVarious


Plas y Brenin


9 Days

Instructor Ratio


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So you’re finally ready for your MCI training? We appreciate the amount of effort that’s gone into your journey thus far, and we look forward to delving into the ins and outs of inspiring people in the mountains. This immersive course will equip you with a broad range of skills, from multi-pitch crag evacuations to teaching lead climbing. Expect to feel more confident in your personal climbing and your ability to teach and look after others.

Eryri (Snowdonia) is celebrated as one of the premier climbing areas in the UK, and must be one of the best to work in. With (almost) roadside accessibility, we’ll spend more time on the rock and less time in the van. Through feedback and reflection you’ll leave with a clear understanding of your current abilities and an action plan towards assessment.

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What to Expect

We’ll work with the Mountain Training Candidate Handbook. Evening sessions running from 17:30-18:30 supplement course activities. 


  • Introductory Talk   
  • Teaching People Climbing – Single Pitch 


  • Improvised Rescue – Set pieces on site at PYB


  • Taking People multi-pitch Climbing 


  • Teaching People Climbing – Multi Pitch, including Lead Climbing 


  • Improvised Rescue – On the crag 

Thursday Mountaineering day 1 

  • Revision of ML ropework
  • Scrambling as an MCI
  • Introduction to ropework for mountaineering

Friday Mountaineering day 2

  • Taking two people
  • Mountaineering on grade 2 and 3 scrambles


  • Coastal or sport climbing day
  • Tidal planning, using coastal crags
  • Coaching climbing
  • One-on-one feedback from the training


  • Navigation
  • Assessment Information

Experience Required

Training course bookings must not be made until your Mountaineering and Climbing Instructor registration application has been approved by Mountain Training.

To gain the most from this course, you should arrive feeling fit, and confidently leading VS 4c. The focus of the course is managing and teaching others so you should have the personal fundamental skills of climbing. To help you operate safely and effectively, and to maximise your learning Plas y Brenin and Mountain Training recommend you have;

  • Updated your logbook to accurately reflect experience post successful Mountain Leader assessment
  • Confidently climbed VS and sport F6a (or above) within the month leading up to the training course
  • Climbed a variety of graded scrambles, (ideally roped for some or all)
  • Completed further Quality Mountain Days, including poor visibility navigation and in unfamiliar areas within the month leading up to the course
  • Recent leadership experience as a Mountain Leader
  • Recent experience of teaching climbing on a single pitch crag, and running sessions in the climbing wall
  • Read the Mountaineering Instructor Handbook
  • Read Rock Climbing by Libby Peter.

Your practical preparation should include;

  • Being tidy and efficient with your rope work – try to eliminate any twists or tangle
  • Practise fundamental rescue skills in a safe environment e.g. tying off the plate, simple hoisting, escaping the system, prussiking
  • Practise taking coils
  • Refresh your summer Mountain Leader skills including ropework, navigation and environmental knowledge.
  • If your registration has been approved but you’re not sure that you’re ready for training, please contact Mountain Training or Plas y Brenin to discuss your next best step.

Useful Books:

  • Hillwalking by Steve Long (MLTUK official publication)
  • Rock Climbing by Libby Peter (MLTUK official publication)
  • Navigation by Carlo Forte (MLTUK official publication)
  • Complete Guide to Rope Techniques by Nigel Shepherd
  • Handbook of Climbing by Fyffe & Peter
  • Rock Climbing for Instructors by A. Richardson
  • Nature of Snowdonia by M. Raine
  • Hostile Habitats by Mark Wrightham and Nick Kempe

How Should I Prepare?

You must be registered on the Mountaineering Instructor Award scheme with Mountain Training prior to attending this course and have the required experience. The greater the level of experience a candidate has beyond the minimum requirements the more they are likely to benefit from the training course.

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Download course handbook here

Note: Our instructors will assess any safety equipment you bring with you. If they consider it to be below the required standard, you will be asked to use equipment provided free of charge by Plas y Brenin.

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Why Plas y Brenin?

Plas y Brenin is at the forefront of outdoor instruction. Whether you are starting a career in the outdoors, or just want to take an adventure holiday, PYB is the place for you.

We inspire explorers. We train trainers. We’re internationally recognised. We’ve been around since 1798, with our earliest guests including Queen Victoria. Since then, we’ve focussed on providing the best customer experience, working alongside some of the greatest, 007 included.

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Expert Tuition

You’ll receive expert supervision from fully qualified and psyched instructors, creating the perfect environment to learn and enjoy something new!

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Explore Eryri

Your experience will take place in the heart of the extraordinary Eryri National Park. Our National Outdoor Centre features accommodation, a bar, dining, and more. And while you’re here, why not check out some local gems?

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Everyone at Plas y Brenin, from staff to visitors, is excited about adventures and inspired to get outside. Our guests return year after year to experience all that North Wales offers.