Dave Rudkin – Senior Instructor

Mountaineering & Rock Climbing



I’m a Senior Instructor leading the Rock Climbing and Mountaineering department. My time is split between delivering skills development courses, training and assessing future leaders and instructors in climbing and mountaineering awards, staff training, course design and development and technical support for our equipment stores. I love the variety and the fact I get to do this regularly in Snowdonia, the Scottish Highlands and the Alps.


  • British Mountain Guide

  • Mountaineering Instructor Certificate


Climbing and mountaineering have been a major thing for me all my life, from first camping trips in the Lake District, going for long hikes with mates in Snowdonia and leading my first route, Flake Crack at Helsby Crag as a little kid.

It’s taken me to lots of places around the world like Greenland, Alaska, Pakistan and Kyrgyzstan and I’ve gained an intimate knowledge of the UK mountains and the European Alps along the way.

Climbing experiences that took me further than I’d been before were routes like The Clown at Gogarth, Statement of Youth at Lower Pen Trwyn, Manic Strain on the slate and Raindogs at Malham, in winter trying to get the first ascent of Scansor and getting the 2nd ascent of The Crack on Ben Nevis, further afield routes like the Gabarrou-Silvi on the Aiguille Verte and the Directissma Gaberrou-Long on the Red Pillar of Brouillard.

But as much as all of that I enjoy the scene, the travel, the friends you meet, the views, the plants, the animals, the laughs, the sweat, the camaraderie, the ice cream and the beer.


To stay healthy, fit and active, and to travel the world.