10th May 2019

Meet the Team: Brad Reed

Written by Jack Nicholl

Mountaineering and Climbing Instructor, Winter Mountain Leader

  • Tell us about yourself Brad!

Searching out new and adventurous places has driven my career in the outdoors. I have a particular interest in coaching and the personal growth made possible by adventurous environments, and I love introducing people to wild places and seeing them develop. Mostly this has been driven by a passion for rock climbing.

  • Any notable adventures so far in your career?

Having climbed first ascents in Morocco and repeated routes across Western America, New Zealand and Thailand, climbing local North Wales classic routes are highlights in my climbing career. Also using bikes to travel around South America, stopping to climb and trek along the way was a fantastic experience (or Muy Bein!).

  • What are your plans looking forward?

My climbing tick list is ever growing but would love to continue climbing regularly and learning more about the nuances of climbing and how to teach it. I also want to attain the Mountaineering Instructor Certificate. As well as this continuing to walk, bike and swim in wild places also excites me.


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