3rd May 2019

Meet the team: Kris McCoey

Written by Jack Nicholl

Mountaineering Climbing Instructor, British Cycling level 3 Mountain Bike Leader, British Canoeing 4 Star Sea Kayak Leader, British Canoeing 4 Star White Water Leader

  • Tell us about yourself Kris!

Before starting my career as an outdoor instructor/coach I was a plumber and then youth worker.

I moved to working in the outdoors as I developed a passion for instructing and coaching, initially in paddle sports and mountain biking and later mountaineering and rock-climbing. I am particularly interested in understanding and teaching technical movement and am fascinated by the psychological element of outdoor sports.

  • What would you say your biggest achievements are?

My most recent achievement has to be a cup I made on a potting wheel. This may not sound as impressive as some of the new routes I have done at Fair Head, the hard crack climbs I have on-sighted in the Utah desert or the rivers I have paddled in New-Zealand, but I can tell you it was nails hard and took every ounce of patience and focus I have!

  • What are your ambitions?

I have always been a goal setter: pinning pictures on my fridge and writing lists of things I plan to focus on. Big dreams currently on my fridge are to climb the Quarryman, read a book a month, to undertake my Winter Mountaineering and Climbing Instructor training and to complete a V-day (climbing all the routes at Tremadog that begin with the letter V in a single day) with my partner. I also hope to throw another—hopefully better—clay cup.