28th May 2019

Meet the team: Steve Worth

Written by Jack Nicholl

Mountaineering and Climbing Instructor, Winter Mountain Leader

  • What should we know about you Steve?

I’ve been really lucky to land myself with one of the best jobs in the world as a mountaineering instructor based in North Wales. One of the great things about my job is being able to share some pretty cool experiences with some really interesting people. I really enjoy coaching people, being able to help them develop and improve their technical skills and their confidence too, and it’s always nice to see returning clients and hear their stories about the things that I’ve been part of helping them achieve.

  • You’ve got loads of traveling under your belt; any achievements of note?

I’ve been on some amazing trips abroad, climbing in Europe, Thailand & Australia, boating in Nepal, but I guess skiing is the one thing that always keeps me daydreaming. I’m always looking forward to the winter.

I spent the winter skiing up in Norway, which was so good; summit to sea skiing every day was not a chore. But as amazing as other places are to visit, nothing beats coming back to rock climbing in Wales and hanging out with my dogs! The coastline here’s amazing too, I try and spend as much time near to the sea as possible, in and out of the water. I would like to say I can surf but my style is… ‘unconventional’ if I’m honest. The winter swell here can be brilliant, albeit a bit like marmite sometimes!

  • What are your ambitions?

Alaska & Patagonia are two places definitely on the radar for future trips. Climbing wise I’ve still got so many routes to do, but that’s fine, it keeps the psyche going…


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