11th April 2019

Our training in action: RSPCA sheep rescue on BBC

Written by Jack Nicholl

This week saw the rescue of over 60 sheep from a coastal cliff in Pembrokeshire by the RSPCA Cymru team. PYB instructor and rope rescue trainer Olly Sanders was there to see training put into action.


In an operation RSPCA Cymru noted was ‘the most technical’ they had dealt with, 65 sheep have been rescued from coastal cliffs in Pembrokeshire over the last 10 days. A great example of the fantastic and brave work the RSPCA does to help protect animals who are unable to protect themselves – and of the practical application of skills and techniques learned at the National Outdoor Centre.

Plas y Brenin has a long-established relationship with the RSPCA, training frontline officers in technical rescue techniques and outdoor safety.

PYB instructor Olly Sanders, who has worked extensively with the RSPCA delivering rope rescue training, and who was present at the rescue operation for quality assurance, said:… “The rescue was very slick and well organised, showing that the teams had taken on-board the training received at Plas y Brenin over many years. It was rewarding to see this efficient, safe and successful rescue. My job was to look at quality assurance, and I had to add very little to add to this job as it was so well handled.”


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