18th March 2021

Plas y Brenin and Remote Area Risk International Join Forces to Deliver Specialist Training for Outdoors Professionals

Written by Jack Nicholl


Plas y Brenin National Outdoor Centre and remote area medical, risk and travel risk experts Remote Area Risk International are partnering to provide professional-level, sector-leading training solutions for individuals and organisations operating in the outdoor sector.

Together they will support one another in the delivery of technical outdoor skills, remote area medical, risk and water safety training, in an initiative that will bring a unique and market-leading offering to their respective specialist sectors.

As leaders in their fields, the partnership enables them to bring to market exciting educational initiatives for the benefit of individuals and organisations operating in the outdoor activity, adventure travel, expedition, education and remote area operations fields.

The first course following the initiative, will be a Wilderness First Responder delivered by Remote Area Risk International, run from Plas y Brenin’s iconic base in Snowdonia 10-16 May.

Under the exclusive partnership, Plas y Brenin becomes the sole provider of technical skills in mountain and water safety to Remote Area Risk International and in turn Remote Area Risk International becomes the sole provider of remote area and expedition wilderness medical and risk management training to Plas y Brenin.

Plas y Brenin Director of Learning and Development, Loel Collins comments: “As a leading training organisation in the outdoor sector known for our high calibre, sector-leading training, we have worked closely with Remote Area Risk International over the last four years and know them to have the same high standards as ourselves. As a result, we have firsthand experience of their capabilities and we are delighted that an opportunity has arisen for us to work closely together. Remote Area Risk International is the right organisation to work alongside us to deliver high quality, cutting edge sector leading training.”

Matthew Davies FRGS, Director at Remote Area Risk International commented: “As recognised centres of expertise in our respective fields, we are delighted to be working closer with Plas y Brenin. We understand each other’s ethos and motivations and have the same desire to deliver best in class training. In the longer term, the working arrangement will allow us to identify and develop new training offerings, where sector gaps exist to ensure we are at the forefront of delivering the most current, relevant and effective training.”

“It is an exciting and innovative collaboration and we look forward to bringing the combined efforts of our expertise for the benefit our staff, respective clients and sectors.”

Plas y Brenin will continue to provide two and three-day Rescue Emergency Care First Aid courses and Remote Area Risk will provide more advanced Pre Hospital Care and medical level training opportunities.

The first joint collaboration is an expedition/fieldwork specific water safety course, which has been developed to fill a gap between existing water safety courses (where participants are not intending to enter the water but do, for a variety of reasons) at one end of the scale and Swift Water Rescue training (for professional responders) at the other end of the spectrum.

Those in the field may need to operate in or cross rivers, for instance, which this training seeks to address. This course will also form a module on Remote Area Risk International’s new Wilderness Risk Technician/Remote Area Risk Technician Programmes. Plas y Brenin will deliver the water module and be involved in the delivery of a number of other modules in those programmes.

More high-level qualifications are in the pipeline between Remote Area Risk International and Plas y Brenin experts on courses and modules relevant to remote area, fieldwork, expedition, remote area media/ TV, education and exploration sectors (and more).