9th April 2021

Rest in Peace Prince Philip, The Duke of Edinburgh

Written by Jack Nicholl

It is with sadness we acknowledge the passing of The Duke of Edinburgh, Prince Philip.


It is with sadness we acknowledge the passing of The Duke of Edinburgh, Prince Philip.

Prince Phillip shares a piece of our history, having visited us on the celebration of our 50th anniversary in 2005, as well as in 1956.

Like us, he was committed and passionate about the outdoors, not least with his Duke of Edinburgh’s Award programme, which has inspired many generations to enjoy outdoor adventure and activity.

A longstanding advocate of physical recreation, the Duke devoted much of his life promoting athletics, outdoor activities and outdoor education for young people. Like us, Prince Philip was a firm believer that outdoor education is an essential component of a well-rounded school curriculum.

As President of the Central Council of Physical Recreation, an association of the national governing bodies of sports and recreation which led to the eventual establishment of Plas y Brenin as a national outdoor centre, Prince Philip played an instrumental part in promoting participation in mountaineering and outdoor sports.

Our Director of Learning and Development, Loel Collins, met Prince Philip during his last visit to Plas y Brenin:

“It was a real honour and a pleasure to meet him on his tour of Plas y Brenin, where he observed a number of our instructors teaching people – from climbing skills to paddling on the lake. He was a wonderful person who shared our love of the outdoors.”

Ruth Hall, Chief Executive:

“Prince Philip will always be a significant part of our history. A pathfinder and adventurer, he truly understood the importance of outdoor instruction and the value of outdoor recreation for everyone.”

Prince Philip, his legacy and dedication to outdoor recreation and learning, will long be remembered here at Plas y Brenin.