17th December 2018

Scottish Winter Psych

Written by Jack Nicholl

We know it can be hard to keep the motivation up on these dark winter days - so we've put together a list of 6 inspiring films to enjoy over a cup of coffee, and hopefully blast you with the pure light of psych as the winter season begins


In the underbelly of the year, when the days are at their shortest and you’re heading to and from work in the dark – it can be hard to imagine taking off on adventures into the great outdoors. So we’ve selected 6 films to fill your eyes with the blinding light of pure psych, to re-energise you before 2019 rolls in. Take a seat by the fire but keep your crampons near, ‘cause you’re going to want to head out the door as soon as we’re done.


Winter Scotland – John Johnston

A bird’s eye view of Scotland’s beautiful wild places. Whether you’re in it for taking photographs or creating memories, there’s no denying Scotland in winter is a true place of beauty. Grab yourself a cup of tea and a biscuit, sit back, and enjoy.


The course for you: Scottish Winter Hillwalking

All roads lead to Scotland

Our very own Tim Neill takes to some of the gnarliest winter routes in Scotland along with Nick Bullock in this short film by Mountain Equipment. Those who climb together stick together, and we get to see how the highlands has become a forge for friendship, and a place they are both drawn to year after year.


The course for you: Scottish Performance Winter Climbing

The Place of the Gaels 

Seen from the perspective of three American climbers invited to experience Scotland in winter for the first time, ‘The Place of the Gaels’ explores the draw that the Scottish Highlands has for people across the world.


The course for you: Scottish Classic Winter Climbs

British Pathé – Cairngorns Mountaineers (1965)

Thankfully things have moved on a bit since this 1965 British Pathé film showcasing some rather dashing young RAF men preparing for an expedition to Nepal in snowy Scotland. While the 1965 idea of ‘strict safety precautions’ gives us the shivers today, the film shows how Scotland has long been used as an arena to practice alpine skills. ‘All the hazards which climbers love to tackle’ are definitely in Scotland. Hear-hear lads!


The course for you: Scottish Winter Mountaineering

The Bothy Project – A Mission Into Outdoor Space

Finding your tribe can be an important step towards overcoming your fears in the outdoors. The Bothy Project follows four female artists on an expedition into the Scottish wilderness. The film is a stirring collage of a week spent in a bothy there, exploring, creating, speaking the common language of creativity, and reconnecting with the land. Set to possessing verse by poet Claire Carter, this short will certainly inspire you to grab a mate and head on your own adventure northward.


The course for you: Scottish Winter Hillwalking

And finally, for the challengers…


Dave MacLeod: The 24/8

In this inspirational film Dave MacLeod sets himself one of the hardest all-round climbing challenges around; an 8A boulder, 8a sport route, E8 trad route, VIII, 8 winter routes and 8 Munros, all in under 24 hours. Inspiring to see so much adventure squeezed into a single day. True bucket list stuff.


The course for you: … All of them?