29th May 2018

So, why did we rebrand?

Written by Jack Nicholl

After more than 30 years, Plas y Brenin is changing the branding


Plas y Brenin means a lot to people – we know this because we asked.

1,259 people to be precise.

Customers (old and new), various experts from the outdoor sector and really everyone we could think of, we asked.

What we wanted to know was:

  • What does a national centre mean to you?
  • How do we stay relevant to the outdoor sector going forwards?
  • How do we speak to people beyond mountaineering?

The main points that came back were:

  • “Don’t change the name Plas y Brenin or ruin its heritage”
  • “Keep the blue”
  • “Be activity neutral”
  • and “Make it less complicated”.

So, we listened, we agonised, and we started to put some ideas down. These ideas went back out to a wide test audience and we took note of their feedback. We then developed the brand identity a bit more and presented it to our board and Sport England.

The Logo

We developed a logo that was based on the environment around us but didn’t limit us to it, because we don’t just operate in Snowdonia. The design is based on our view of the Snowdon horseshoe.

The identity

Our identity is much more than a logo. It’s who we are, what we do, our purpose and our values. We want to tell you our stories and the stories of those that we work with – how what we do affects them and how they go on to influence and help others. That could be as simple as getting people active in the outdoors or training others to be safe and in some cases, even to save lives.

In short, we’re changing how we present ourselves. We’re not changing what we do or how we do it.