The Craft Snowman encompasses all that the adventure playground of North Wales offers and is infamous for a reason – just when you think you’re done there is a different challenge you’re not expecting. An exciting, adrenaline-fuelled and truly epic and unforgettable experience; completing The Snowman is a tick that every triathlete wants.

“With the foreboding shadow of Moel Siabod looming above and the promise of things to come, around 100 of us blasted off into chop whipping over Llyn Mymbyr. With the wind gusting 25mph+ it was a washing machine and great fun. High cadence, all-power-no-panache! I love this kind of no-nonsense swimming, and to my surprise I clambered out of the 750m swim in first place with over a two-minute lead.

“The first half of the bike was fast, flowing and right up the gorgeous guts of Cwm Ogwen. Then, I heard an ominous crack from my time trial arm rest, and two minutes later, it was hanging off! I carried on until I came across the 17% gradient on the old roman road at the far side of Dyffryn Ogwen. Powering up on my TT setup (54/25) was not ideal, but I just gave it full beans. As I was starting the first gentle slope, BOOM! My handlebars pretty much came off! Needless to say, I spent the second half bricking it, but somehow, I made it back without having to brake, change gear, or turn! The run, halfway up Moel Siabod and back, was a glorious release after the stress of the bike. The descent is a gnarly roller-coaster with one hell of a view, and it sets this race apart. What a ride! I made it back to win in around 1hr44min and swiftly fired my mechanic (me).” Huw Jack Brassington- Winner, 2013 and 2023

For more information on the triathlon & duathlon, head on over to the event organiser, Always Aim High Events’ website.