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At Plas y Brenin, we take corporate retreats to new heights, crafting unique and transformative experiences that propel your business towards success. Nestled in the breathtaking landscapes of Snowdonia, our premier retreat company is dedicated to elevating your team's potential, fostering leadership development, and building strong, cohesive teams.

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Why a corporate retreat?

Team Building and Cohesion

Corporate retreats allow team members to bond in relaxed settings. This fosters improved collaboration and a heightened sense of unity in the team.

Skills Development and Leadership Training

Retreats often feature workshops to hone leadership and problem-solving skills. Such exercises foster growth and open doors for career advancement.

Enhanced Creativity and Innovation

Taking employees out of routine work settings during retreats sparks creativity. Such novel experiences can inspire innovative thinking in the team.

Increased Employee Engagement

Engaged employees excel at productivity. Corporate retreats boost engagement, which in turn enhances job performance and ensures loyalty.


Our Facilities

Nestled in the breathtaking beauty of Snowdonia, our outdoor center offers comfortable and modern accommodations, along with state-of-the-art facilities, providing a perfect blend of tranquility and functionality for an enriching corporate retreat experience.

Our Facilities

Our Instructors

Here at Plas y Brenin, we take pride in handpicking instructors who are exceptional experts in their fields, ensuring an unrivaled learning experience for our clients. These accomplished instructors are passionate about inspiring growth and igniting positive change, making each retreat an unforgettable journey.

Our Instructors

Our Location

Located in the heart of Snowdonia, Plas y Brenin offers more than just a backdrop; it provides an opportunity for your teams to immerse themselves in nature’s beauty. Our venue sets the stage for unforgettable adventures, fostering an atmosphere that encourages creativity.

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Sample Programme


  • Arrival at PYB
  • Check-in
  • Meet the instructors
  • Talk through Aims of the Retreat
  • Evening Activity- Choose from a range of our ‘extras.’


  • Breakfast
  • Workshops – Designed specifically for your company
  • Lunch
  • Out for Activity
  • Evening meal
  • Evening activity


  • Breakfast
  • Morning Workshop
  • Lunch
  • Out for Activity
  • Evening Meal
  • Evening Talk


  • Breakfast
  • Final Workshop/talks
  • Lunch
  • Depart from PYB

Our Packages

The goals, workshop ideas and activity ideas can all be tailored to fit the specific needs and goals of your team and organization. Consider incorporating a combination of activities, discussions, and experiential learning to create a well-rounded and impactful team building retreat.


A Plas y Brenin team-building retreat is not just a getaway; it’s an investment in your company’s success. Customized team activities are designed to meet your specific goals, enhancing collaboration and trust within your workforce. When your team returns from this retreat, they’re not just refreshed; they’re empowered, motivated, and ready to overcome challenges as a united front, which translates to enhanced productivity and long-term success for your company.

Plas y Brenin is more than a retreat; it’s a catalyst for your team’s growth and your company’s prosperity.

Aims of The Retreat

  • Strengthen Team Bonding- Build trust and collaboration among team members.
  • Boost Problem-Solving- Enhance problem-solving skills for better decision-making.
  • Encourage Innovation- Inspire creative thinking to tackle challenges effectively.

Types of Workshops

  • Creative Problem-Solving Workshops- Encourage innovative thinking and techniques for creative problem-solving and foster a culture of resourcefulness within the team.
  • Wellness and Resilience Workshops- Focus on employee well-being while providing tools and strategies to build resilience and manage stress effectively. Promote a healthier and more balanced work environment.
  • Leadership Development and Team Alignment Workshops- Aim to develop leadership skills, align team members with the organisation's goals. Emphasise effective communication, decision-making, and a shared vision.

Types of Activities

  • Orienteering and Navigation Challenges- Involves map reading, compass navigation, and GPS-based activities. Enhance problem-solving, communication, and strategic thinking skills. Occur outdoors, promoting team exploration.
  • Outdoor Leadership and Decision-Making Exercises: Involves decision-making in challenging outdoor situations. Emphasises leadership development, crisis management, and teamwork in the outdoors.
  • Rock Climbing Expedition- Teams engage in a rock climbing adventure, emphasising vital roles for each member's safety and success. Builds trust, communication, and mutual support. Participants rely on each other to conquer heights, fostering a sense of achievement and personal growth, reinforcing the idea of collective success.


Invest in a Plas y Brenin leadership development retreat, a pivotal step in your company’s growth strategy. Tailored to your organization’s unique needs, our retreats inspire leadership excellence that directly benefits your business. Leaders will gain the skills to communicate effectively, make strategic decisions, and inspire innovation – all essential for your company’s future. The hands-on outdoor challenges reinforce teamwork and resilience, preparing your leaders for real-world scenarios. A focus on well-being ensures they return refreshed and motivated to drive your company forward. It’s an investment in your company’s leadership backbone, ensuring sustainable growth, adaptability, and lasting success.

Aims of The Retreat

  • Strategic Vision and Alignment- Develop a shared strategic vision among leaders. Ensure alignment with the company's growth objectives, fostering a clear and united path forward.
  • Innovation and Adaptability- Equip leaders with skills to inspire innovation and adaptability in teams. Vital for staying ahead in a dynamic business landscape.
  • Succession Planning and Talent Development- Identify and cultivate potential leaders within the organisation. Ensure a strong leadership pipeline for long-term company growth and sustainability.

Types of Workshop

  • Strategic Leadership and Decision- Making Workshops- Focus on developing strategic thinking and decision-making skills among leaders. Cover topics like long-term planning, risk management, and aligning strategies with organisational goals.
  • Innovation and Change Leadership Workshops- Help leaders foster a culture of innovation and lead effectively through periods of change. Explore creative problem-solving, adaptability, and inspiring innovation in their teams.
  • Leadership Communication and Influence Workshops- Aim to enhance leaders' communication skills, both within their teams and when addressing larger audiences. Cover areas such as public speaking, persuasive messaging, and effective communication strategies for various contexts.

Types of Activities

  • Mountain Biking Expedition- Leaders embark on a mountain biking adventure to hone risk management skills and foster teamwork through challenging terrains.
  • Kayaking and Team Navigation- Teams engage in kayaking expeditions that promote effective communication, navigation skills, adaptability, and collaboration for successful waterway navigation.
  • Rock Climbing Team Challenges- Leaders tackle rock climbing challenges emphasising trust, communication, and decision-making while scaling heights, mirroring leadership challenges.
  • Leadership Hiking and Navigation- Guided leadership hikes involve map reading, compass navigation, and decision-making, encouraging leaders to explore uncharted territories and develop strategic thinking and problem-solving skills.


A bespoke retreat, customized to align perfectly with your company’s unique objectives and aspirations, is the key to unlocking your team’s true potential. Every aspect of this retreat is meticulously crafted to address your specific goals, whether it’s enhancing leadership, fostering innovation, or building trust. From tailored workshops to outdoor challenges, everything is designed to fit your organization’s needs like a glove.

Aims of the Retreat

  • Aims will be tailored to your companies goals for the retreat.

Types of Workshops

  • We can provide talented guest speakers to deliver workshops tailored to you.

Types of Activities

  • Working closely with our team of talented instructors to design activities that achieve your company goals.

Stay at Bryn Engan

Our Corporate accommodation, Bryn Engan, is perfect for large groups. Comprising a 13-bedroom farmhouse and state-of-the-art workspace across two separate buildings, the Bryn Engan complex is designed with flexibility in mind.

  • En-suite bathrooms
  • TV
  • Wifi
  • Tea & coffee facilities
  • Wardrobes and desks
  • Access to laundry and drying rooms
  • Extra spaces provided
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