British Canoeing Whitewater Kayak Leader Assessment

Join our two-day assessment to test your leadership in moderate white water conditions, following the 'British Canoeing Whitewater Kayak Leader' guidelines. We focus on judgment, decision-making, and safety.

Plas y Brenin

1 Day

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Plas y Brenin


1 Day

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This assessment involves a comprehensive evaluation of your skills and leadership capabilities in white water kayaking. Over two days, you will be continuously assessed on white-water at grade 2+. Day one will focus on leading a group of paddlers while day two will emphasize personal skills, safety, and rescue knowledge. You’ll be assessed over two days against the ‘British Canoeing White Water Kayak Leader’ syllabus. We’ll be looking for the skill level required to lead a group of paddlers in appropriate locations, up to moderate white water conditions. You’ll need to show that you can judge the conditions, and the standard of the group, and then make appropriate decisions to modify plans as required.


The goal of this assessment is to ensure that you can confidently lead a group of paddlers in appropriate locations, making informed decisions based on conditions and the group’s standard. You’ll demonstrate the ability to apply strokes effectively for proper techniques and boat control in real white-water situations.

You’ll demonstrate that you can apply strokes to achieve suitable techniques and boat control in real situations, and cover; Part A – Personal Paddling SkillsPart B – Rescue SkillsPart C – Safety, Leadership & Group SkillsPart D – Theory.

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Prepare yourself for two challenging days on moderate white water, ensuring you are physically fit for the assessment. It’s essential to have regular kayaking experience before attending. Expect continuous assessment, with a focus on leadership, skills application, and safety in white water kayaking. This assessment is designed to measure your competence and decision-making abilities in moderate white water conditions.

* Please note: Itinerary is subject to weather and availability.

Experience Required

You should register at least two weeks prior to the assessment. You’ll need the following prerequisites to register;

  • Relevant Leadership Training: White Water Kayak Leader training within previous 3 years.
  • Relevant Safety Training: White Water Safety & Rescue training or (or Rescue 3 Whitewater Rescue Technician)
  • First Aid Award: Recognised 2-day First Aid within last 3 years
  • Registration Fee: £39 for British Canoeing members
  • Age: 16 years of age, or older
  • Please note: You should ensure that your safety and rescue skills are current and up-to-date before attending your assessment, so your WWSR training should also be recent.

How Should I Prepare?

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