Rock Improver

Join our week-long climbing camp for young people aged 12-17 and enhance your climbing skills through expert coaching and adventure. We'll explore various rock types and offer exciting climbing-related activities. Our goal is to elevate your climbing abilities.

Plas y Brenin

5 Days

Instructor Ratio1:4-1:2


Plas y Brenin


5 Days

Instructor Ratio


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Welcome to the week-long climbing camp designed for young climbers aged 12-17. At this camp, we’re dedicated to helping you develop your climbing skills through hands-on experience. Our approach combines expert coaching with plenty of climbing opportunities to reinforce your fundamental skills across different aspects of climbing. You’ll have the chance to conquer various rock types, from steep limestone to smooth slate and rough dolorite. Your adventure level is entirely up to you, and we may even introduce you to thrilling climbing-related activities like sea-level traversing, gorge walking, or scrambling. Plas y Brenin takes pride in customizing activities to align with your goals, all with the aim of taking your climbing to new heights.

The Objectives

Throughout this course, we have three primary objectives. First, we want to equip you with the confidence and competence to climb outdoors independently. Second, we aim to enhance your overall climbing skills, covering everything from movement and flow to technical knowledge. Finally, we want to provide you with an unforgettable week of climbing in a supportive and social atmosphere, where you can break through confidence barriers, ultimately improving everyone’s climbing abilities.


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During this course, you can expect a comprehensive exploration of climbing. We’ll delve into topics such as choosing the right climb, both single and multi-pitch climbing, ropework, movement coaching, abseiling, and effectively using guidebooks. Safety is paramount, and you’ll learn how to be secure in the outdoors. We’ll also provide guidance on where to go next in your climbing journey after completing the course.

Experience Required

To make the most of this experience, it’s best if you have some prior climbing exposure and are not entirely new to the discipline. If you’ve begun climbing indoors and are eager to transition to outdoor climbing, this course is an excellent choice. However, whether you’re at any level and want to overcome personal barriers, this week promises to be an enjoyable and transformative experience for you.

How Should I Prepare/What to Bring?

  • Outdoor wear which is comfortable to climb in – prepare for any weather! T-shirt, thermal layer/base layer, fleece top, tracksuit bottoms or tights (shorts can be nice in summer), trainers, warm hat, gloves, sun hat, waterproof jacket and trouser.
  • Rucksack (approx. 40-50 Litres).
  • Drinks bottle, flask, lunch bag, sunglasses, high factor sunscreen, midge repellent, notebook and pen, small personal first aid kit.
  • Climbing shoes,
  • Helmet,
  • Harness,
  • Chalk bag,
  • Belay device,
  • Nut key, any climbing rack/gear you own.

The following items are available for you to borrow from our equipment stores so you don’t need to rush out to buy them:
Any climbing gear, rucksack, waterproof jacket and trousers. Climbing ropes are always provided by Plas y Brenin


As both your body and mind will be working hard while you’re with us, we want to help you focus on achieving the goal you’ve set for yourself. So, if you’re staying with us, comfortable accommodation (with WiFi included) and home-cooked meals are part of the deal. You don’t need to think about sorting this out for yourself. Support is on hand from our friendly and exceptionally well-qualified staff to help develop your understanding and personal skills. They also assist you in formulating an appropriate action plan for your further development.

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Why Plas y Brenin?

Plas y Brenin is at the forefront of outdoor instruction. Whether you are starting a career in the outdoors, or just want to take an adventure holiday, PYB is the place for you.

We inspire explorers. We train trainers. We’re internationally recognised. We’ve been around since 1798, with our earliest guests including Queen Victoria. Since then, we’ve focussed on providing the best customer experience, working alongside some of the greatest, 007 included.

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Expert Tuition

You’ll receive expert supervision from fully qualified and psyched instructors, creating the perfect environment to learn and enjoy something new!

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Explore Eryri

Your experience will take place in the heart of the extraordinary Eryri National Park. Our National Outdoor Centre features accommodation, a bar, dining, and more. And while you’re here, why not check out some local gems?

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Develop a Passion

Everyone at Plas y Brenin, from staff to visitors, is excited about adventures and inspired to get outside. Our guests return year after year to experience all that North Wales offers.