Spike Green

  • I work across all the instructional departments at Plas y Brenin. I’ve been working in the outdoor industry exclusively since 1982, so I’ve amassed quite a range of experience in most areas of our work.


  • Making the first descent of a river in a super remote area of the eastern Peruvian jungle. After a day or so (of a 12-day trip), I said to the head of the National Park in which we were travelling (who was also with us) that I felt it be a real privilege to be the first Westerner to have ever visited this area of the jungle. She said, “No, you misunderstand; WE are the first humans to have EVER been to this area!”
  • The local tribes have a detailed oral tradition which records where they have been. None of them had any collective memory of visiting the area we were in. Our footprints were the first; the wildlife had never seen humans before. That was a truly remarkable experience.