Indoor to Outdoor Climbing – 5 Day

Take your indoor skills outdoors. Learn the essentials to climb with confidence on rock.

Plas y Brenin

5 Days

Instructor Ratio4:1


Plas y Brenin


5 Days

Instructor Ratio


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Wondering how to transition to outdoor climbing? We’ll cover the foundations before moving on to everything from using bouldering mats and guidebooks to placing gear and building belays. You should finish the course with a good idea of where you can climb outside, how to set up top ropes, go sport climbing, and follow someone up a multipitch route. A midweek ratio change lets us tailor our coaching and take on more challenging routes, all pitched to the individual. You may even make some new outdoor climbing partners!

Who’s This Course For

Indoor climbers looking for a taste of climbing outside, with an eye to being able to independently set up top and bottom ropes, go sport climbing, and follow (second) a multipitch route. You may also have done some outdoor climbing before or attended one of our Start Climbing courses. You should be able to fit a harness, tie in, and belay. Don’t worry about being able to climb a specific grade, just come with a willingness to get stuck in!


Every course is unique as we tailor each one to the team and the weather, but this should give a flavour of what you might get up to…

  • Monday
    • Informal welcome chat with our staff and your course members
    • Head to stores to get kitted out
    • Try bouldering on real rock
    • Rock-specific movement coaching – e.g. trusting friction and learning to hand jam
    • Get some mileage climbing on rock and build confidence
    • Return to PYB for tea, medals, and cake!
  • Tuesday
    • Travel to a different crag and rock type and spend the day climbing
    • Learn to place trad gear (nuts, hexes, slings) to build top & bottom ropes
    • Climb on the ropes you’ve set up
    • Consolidate movement and ropework skills
    • Try abseiling
    • Return to PYB for more tea and cake!
  • Wednesday
    • Ratio drops to one instructor per two course members for the remainder of the week
    • Go sport climbing for the day
    • Use sport climbing-specific kit
    • Learn the basics of how to lead a sport climb and thread the anchors (commonly done with an extra safety rope)
    • Lead a sport climb as appropriate
    • Return to PYB for more tea and cake!
  • Thursday
    • Introduction to multipitch climbing (long routes) often on a mountain crag with beautiful views
    • Learn how to tie into anchors and use clove hitches
    • Find out what it means to be a competent second; climbing calls, removing gear, organising stances
    • Abseil to descend the crag
    • Return to PYB for more tea and cake!
  • Friday
    • A further day of multi-pitch climbing, consolidating skills, and developing confidence specific to each team
    • Return to PYB for, you guessed it, more tea and cake, and a fond farewell.

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