Bradley Reed

  • Having taken the modern route into rock climbing (starting on a climbing wall), the sense of freedom and adventure which wild places gave me led me to become immersed in climbing, especially the adventurous side of it. This led me towards a career in the outdoors, where I have a special interest in coaching and personal growth. I love introducing people to and aiding personal development within adventurous settings.
  • I moved to north Wales to develop my personal passion for rock climbing and discovered a warm and open community of like-minded people who love to be outdoors.


  • I’ve climbed first ascents in Morocco and repeated routes across Western America, including climbing Half Dome, New Zealand and Thailand. I also love climbing local North Wales routes up to 8a and E6. My wife, then girlfriend, embraced South American culture by cycling 4500km through temperate rainforests, flat grasslands, high (nearly 5000m) passes and desserts, stopping to climb and trek along the way.
  • I’ve built a climbing wall in my garage to keep my skills sharp throughout lockdown.


  • My climbing tick list is ever-growing, with Lord of the Flies is at the top, but mainly I would love to continue climbing regularly and learning more about the nuances of climbing and how to teach it.
  • I’ve postponed my Winter Mountaineering and Climbing Instructor Award but walking, biking and swimming in wild places closer to home have given me a new perspective on what adventures can be.