– The Best Activities in Eryri (Snowdonia) –

Lake Llynnau Mymbyr

Lake Llynnau Mymbyr is a stunning glacial lake situated between the majestic peaks of Snowdon and Moel Siabod. The lake’s tranquil waters reflect the surrounding mountains, creating a breath-taking and picturesque landscape.

Its shores provide an ideal starting point for various outdoor activities, including hiking and photography. The lake’s beauty and serene setting make it a popular destination for nature lovers and those seeking a peaceful escape in the heart of the Welsh mountains.

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Penrhyn Bay Beach

Nestled on the Welsh coast, Penrhyn Bay Beach captivates with its golden sands against dramatic cliffs and the gentle rhythm of the Irish Sea. A serene haven for nature enthusiasts and leisure seekers, the beach’s tranquil ambiance invites contemplative strolls, salty sea breezes, and sweeping panoramic views, all framed by verdant hills.

Whether seeking peaceful retreat or family fun, this idyllic Welsh gem harmoniously blends natural beauty and recreation for an unforgettable experience.

  • 40 mins drive from PYB
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Conwy Castle

Conwy Castle in Wales is a striking medieval fortress built by Edward I in the 13th century. Its robust walls, towers, and strategic position reflect its historical significance.

Visitors can explore well-preserved battlements, staircases, and chambers, providing insights into medieval life and warfare. Today, the castle offers guided tours, panoramic views from its towers, and a chance to immerse oneself in its rich history, making it a must-visit destination for history enthusiasts and sightseers alike.

  • 35 mins drive from PYB
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Beddgelert Woodcraft

Beddgelert Woodcraft, nestled in the village of Beddgelert, Snowdonia, is a traditional shop specializing in handmade woodcrafts. From intricate carvings to functional items like bowls and furniture, it celebrates woodworking’s artistry and offers a unique chance to acquire locally crafted treasures reflecting the region’s natural beauty and heritage.

  • 20 mins drive from PYB
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Aber Falls

Aber Falls, located in the Snowdonia National Park of Wales, is a stunning waterfall cascading down rugged cliffs amidst a picturesque natural setting. The falls, also known as Rhaeadr Fawr in Welsh, are a popular destination for hikers and nature enthusiasts.

Visitors can follow well-marked trails to reach the falls, where they can marvel at the spectacular sight of water plunging into a pool below. The surrounding landscape offers excellent opportunities for photography and outdoor exploration, making Aber Falls a captivating and refreshing natural attraction in the heart of Wales.

  • 40 mins drive from PYB
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National Slate Museum

The National Slate Museum, located in Llanberis, Wales, is a fascinating historical attraction dedicated to showcasing the heritage and significance of the Welsh slate industry. Housed within the original workshops and buildings of the Dinorwig slate quarry, the museum provides visitors with a captivating journey into the world of slate mining and craftsmanship.

Through interactive exhibits, guided tours, and preserved machinery, visitors can explore the lives of the quarry workers, learn about the extraction and processing of slate, and gain insights into the industry’s impact on Welsh culture and society. The museum offers a unique opportunity to delve into Wales’ industrial past and appreciate the artistry and engineering associated with slate production.

  • 20 mins drive from PYB
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Explore with Plas y Brenin

PYB is a hub of outdoor adventure, offering a wide array of activities and experiences. Join outdoor courses to master skills like hiking, climbing, kayaking, and biking. Engage in guided adventures, from conquering Snowdon’s peak to thrilling mountain bike trails. With indoor facilities, accommodations, and equipment rental, it’s a one-stop destination. Connect with a community of enthusiasts, attend events, and explore Snowdonia’s stunning landscapes, making PYB an ideal place to immerse yourself in nature and outdoor pursuits.

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Penmaenmawr Beach

Penmaenmawr Beach offers a variety of enjoyable activities for visitors. You can take leisurely walks along the shoreline, basking in the scenic beauty of the sea and surrounding hills. The expansive sands provide an ideal setting for beachcombing, picnicking, and building sandcastles with family and friends.

Additionally, the beach is a great place for birdwatching and capturing mesmerizing coastal photographs. As the sun sets, you can relish in the tranquil ambiance and perhaps even engage in stargazing on clear nights.

  • 30 mins drive from PYB
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Treborth Botanic Garden

Treborth Botanic Garden near Bangor, Wales, is a diverse and educational botanical garden with themed sections, featuring woodlands, rock gardens, and glasshouses housing exotic plants.

Visitors can enjoy leisurely walks, guided tours, and educational events, learning about plant biodiversity and conservation while appreciating the garden’s natural beauty and horticultural treasures.

  • 30 mins drive from PYB
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Hire a Personal Instructor to enhance your time at PYB. With a tailor-made experience, it’s up to you to decide how best to enjoy and explore the inspiring landscapes of Eryri.

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