Huge thanks to the speakers for their sessions and for sharing these resources for everyone’s benefit. Please note that Pete Astles’ presentation is from a similar talk he did in December 2022.


All Things Peak - Pete Astles
Fast Track Adventure Pro - James Bruton
A Year in the Life of a PYB Instructor - Dave Evans
Kickstart Your Adventure - Brad, Fran & Jen
All Things Ultra: Psychological Preparation - Kirk and the Cumbrian Team
All Things Ultra: Endurance for Beginners - Kirk and the Cumbrian Team
UK Skills to Big Hills - Lou Beetlestone & Tom Livingstone
Avalanche Awareness - Will Nicholls & Rich Gentry
Avalanche Decision-Making - James Thacker (Presentation)
Avalanche Decision-Making - James Thacker (Video)
More to follow!